Presented here are the updated baggage guidelines for Hajj 2023:

guidelines for Hajj 2023

A pilgrimage to Makkah, the holy city of Saudi Arabia, is known as the Hajj. Even though performing the Hajj is physically and spiritually challenging, it is essential to prepare for the journey. Saudi Arabia is expected to host more than a million Hajj pilgrims in 2022. Pilgrims need to keep reminded that the Hajj Committee around the world provides standard luggage to Hajj Pilgrims. These bags will also be delivered to the overhead address on the Haj application form. If pilgrims have questions about luggage, they can contact their Provincial Haj Committee Offices. Before traveling to Saudi Arabia for the holy pilgrimage this year, you are required to pack the following items in your luggage.

List of essential things to be kept in the luggage:

  • Passport: Do not forget to keep your Passport in your luggage. You will have to show it to the airport authority before departure.
  • Ihram: Refers to the two pieces of cloth worn by pilgrims during haj. It symbolizes the unity of Muslims.
  • Pocket-size Quran and dua book: You have kept a pocket-size Quran and dua book in your luggage. You may recite Quran or dua while traveling on the flight or elsewhere.
  • Umbrella: Remember to keep yourself safe from the scorching heat, so always carry an umbrella during Hajj.
  • Prayer mat: Do not forget to carry a prayer mat. Make sure it is light in weight.
  • Hijab: Female pilgrims should carry at least two hijabs. Apart from this, they should also have a safety pin, rubber band, and hair clips.
  • Pair of sleepers: Pilgrims will have to walk while performing haj. It is advisable to wear sleepers.
  • Mobile charger: Do not forget to keep a phone charger. Check twice the luggage, whether you have kept it or not.
  • Google: One thing that is usually not required, but it is better to carry a pair of sunglasses. It saves you from the sun’s rays hitting your eyes.

Things that you should have at the time of traveling on the flight:

  • Waist pouch: You should carry your Passport, ticket, and money in the waist pouch. 

  • Cotton: Carry cotton. On the flight, you may suffer ear pain due to a mismatch in pressure balance.

  • Lock: To avoid theft, always keep your luggage locked.

  • First aid: Make sure you are carrying a pain killer, dysentery control tablets, extra surgical masks, and hand sanitizer.

  • Pen and Diary: A Pen and Diary will be required at immigration.

Pilgrims should plan their itinerary before and after Haj. It should also include transport and hotel stays.

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